Quick Eats and Snacks in Boston’s Chinatown

Gotta give in to the MUNCHIES!

It’s been two hours since I lunched, but I’m hungry again yet don’t want to break my New Year’s diet resolutions so early in the year (By February, of course, all bets are off).

So instead of digging the pantry for food, the next best thing is to dig into my photos folder for the digital version, to reminisce, and to drooooool.

I invariably go straight to this picture:

Steamed taro with bacon-cut pork in fermented tofu sauce: Alternating rings of comforting crumbly starchy flavor-sponging taro’y goodness pairs perfectly with juicy bacon drenched in happiness-inducing sweet-savory deliciousness (sauce).
Pro tip: Eat the cilantro to satisfy your daily vegetable requirements

To be clear, this is not a paid sponsorship of TaiwanCafe (from where this Ring of Awesomeness is from), nor is it an endorsement of the restaurant in general (God knows their oyster omelette needs less grease and more finesse).

I just felt that singing the praises of this steamed taro and bacon ring is the socially responsible thing to do. Thank you. You’re welcome.

The menu at Taiwan Cafe can be overwhelming with a seemingly never-ending list of pork and chicken each done in one hundred and one different ways.

If you’re a first time visitor to Cafe Taiwan, either by choice or have grown too tired or too cold waiting outside the Gourmet Dumpling House, I would recommend including this dish in your ‘things to try’.

Get a bowl of rice per person (I believe one bowl of rice per order is complimentary) and this dish should satisfy at least two hungry souls.

Later, when you’ve successfully broken free from your food coma and managed to stumble safely down the steep steps leading from the restaurant, stock up on munchies for future snacking!

Always plan ahead for a rainy day and a hungry tummy. Always.

Kanikko brand tiny, crunchy Japanese crabs in a sweet and slightly salty glaze. Be careful though, they can be a little.. crabby and poke you with their sharp shells and pointy appendages.

Ok, that’s it for now. I will leave you with a ‘Goodbye!’ wave from Pompompurin and his lady friend.

Pompopurin Pudding Candy from Kasugai.
So sweet.


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